Manscaped – Lawnmower 3.0

Remember back to 2017, we did a review on the Manscaped Perfect Package. Feel free to read up on that first, but we figured its been almost 3 years and…

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Focus And The 10X Rule

Imagine being able to travel the world... for weeks or months at a time. Perhaps traveling isn't your thing... Maybe collecting classic cars is, or making your own beer. Whatever…

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How To Get Rich

This isn’t what I normally would write about. Typically I do product reviews and lifestyle blog posts, and not about how to get rich. This kind of goes along with…

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Keto Dad – Update 3

Here it is, late January 2020 and most people have already fallen off of their resolutions for the new year. Me, I have barely started. In fact, I didn't really…

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Garage Gym Vs Gym Membership
Is a home gym or gym membership the best way to g

Garage Gym Vs Gym Membership

Becoming a dad meant that the dreaded dadbod was looming around the corner. I certainly would be in shape sooner or later even if round was that shape. I have…

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Ketogenic Craze

I have been a fan of the ketogenic diet now for a few years and been in and out of keto since 2015. It has been rough at times and…

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Goodbye To The Gaming PC?

Cloud Computing is taking over everything, and the gaming industry is next. Is it better to own or lease at this point. We ask that question and help you decide.

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Awesome Update July 2019

It is late July 2019, and as my readers can tell I haven't done a whole lot this summer. In fact I have done mostly nothing. And I apologize. I…

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