How To Get Rich

This isn’t what I normally would write about. Typically I do product reviews and lifestyle blog posts, and not about how to get rich. This kind of goes along with…

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Back to Keto, Back to Basics

Every dad has trouble finding time to get into shape. We give some of our tips to make the best of your day so that you can get your workout in and be in the best shape of your life still.

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Awesome Update July 2019

It is late July 2019, and as my readers can tell I haven't done a whole lot this summer. In fact I have done mostly nothing. And I apologize. I…

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Keto Dad

I have been a huge fan of Keto for a couple of years now. I found it by accident and didn't understand what it was. I was reunited with it…

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This morning I was walking down the street, with hundreds of people around me, but I have never felt more alone. It's interesting to me how my release of feelings…

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Human Race

We as adults have a hard time changing the ideas that have been instilled in us since we were toddlers. Knowing that we should take an extra precaution as to…

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Dark Days

Ever have a day where things just seem off? Occasionally I have them and today is one of those days. Feel like there is just something wrong to the point…

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The Small Things

Over the last few months things have been chaotic. Absolutely chaotic. And it is in these moments that we are most vulnerable. With the insanity of the world going on…

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