Bottle Holder: Mission Critical

Bottle Holder: Mission Critical

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You have your Mission Critical Baby Carrier, but there is one problem. You don’t have a place to put your drink, or the baby’s. Sometimes you are walking around with the baby strapped to your chest, and you need to put your (or the baby’s) bottle down to pick up your bag of charcoal from Home Depot. The solution? Mission Critical Bottle holder accessory. Its perfect for your bottle or the baby’s.

Overview: Bottle Holder

This item is a special accessory to your carriers Molle webbing.  Using the webbing you can attach the bottle holder to the front or rear of the carrier. You can then put your bottle, or the baby’s bottle down in an insulated pocket. Be sure to put on the lid first to keep from spilling, and it  is not recommended that you put hot bottles in there.  A pretty simple idea and design allows for you to add convenience on top of  convenience. You need something with Molle on it so you want to go with the Mission Critical baby Carrier or HSD Backpack

Baby Gear for Dads
The bottle holder goes great for those long treks that require a feeding or additional water for your little one. My son drinks a lot of water, and so this is perfect for when we are shopping and I don’t want to carry extra bags around.


The Good:

It’s made by Mission Critical so you know the quality of the materials and build that is put into this item. Using the 1000D nylon and insulation material MC has constructed a product that is above the rest. It pairs perfectly with their carrier and provides a perfect solution to a problem that has faced baby wearing… Where do I put my drink!? The holder has a drawstring at the top with a toggle to close off the interior and keep the beverage cool with the insulated lining.


The bad:

The bad thing about the bottle holder accessory? It only holds one bottle. I suppose you could buy 6 and make a bandolier. You almost certainly will need one for your beer bottle, and one for your child’s bottle (We do not recommend drinking and wearing). Sippy cups with handles do not fit all the way in. A small sized Tervis (16 oz) does fit. NEVER put a cup containing hot liquid in the holder while wearing a baby!!!



We recommend you be all you can be, and get yourself prepared for every aspect of dadhood. Get the bottle holder and make sure that your son or daughter is fully hydrated at all times. And get one for you too. Your tactical vest should come with a mandatory victory beer holder. After all, this is America!



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