YETI Coolers: Worth the hype?

YETI Coolers: Worth the hype?

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Over the last few years, there has been an increase in premium coolers on the market. Yeti came out with an ultra-premium cooler that was immediately followed by several competitors. The questions are, can the competitors compare to the quality of the Yeti Coolers? Additionally, is the cost difference justified?


The Yeti is an ultra-premium cooler that keeps ice, like ice for up to 5 days. That is pretty impressive considering my igloo cooler keeps ice for barely 24 hours. Yeti Coolers have PermaFrost insulation and a rubber gasket to seal the coolers closed and keep them as cold as ice. The latches keep the seal in place and also makes it bear resistant. Those of us who have camped in the bear country know how important that is. The Tundra models feature a “T-REX” Lid that features heavy-duty rubber so that you will never see a busted latch. I can’t tell you how many of my family’s coolers over the years have had their latches go missing.

They come in various sizes for just about any use from the car for a hot day on the job, or the 65 quarts that will supply the party of the summer. There is a Yeti model for every adventure, from the boat on the lake to the ATV in the mountains. No dad should be without one.

The Good:

Yeti coolers claim to hold ice up to 5 days, but is that really true? We found that it is! When you pack the cooler as recommended, it will maintain the ice for up to 5 days. This is fantastic for those camping trips out in the wilderness, or those of you fortunate enough to have a yacht that you can spend countless days on the ocean with. The latches are extremely durable and cannot be easily broken. They now come in several colors and even offer customization for those of you who are really over the top.  Of course, being bear resistant means that Yogi and Booboo will need to find some other picnic baskets to raid.

The Bad:

Of course the price. While the price definitely represents the quality, some people cannot justify spending $300 on a cooler. The price is the only bad thing about these coolers that I can find. They are sturdy, strong, and hold their liquor very well.


Get it… Get it now! While the price may be hard to justify, spoiling food over a multi-day camping venture instantly justifies it. Keeping your family safe, your beer cold, and the bears out make up for the extra $100 or so that you will drop on it. Once you see how amazing they work, you will get their other products too. As long as you close and latch that lid and follow manufacturer recommendations on how to pack it, this cooler WILL keep ice for up to 5 days! If you are ready to buy or need more information, check out the Tundra 65, Tundra 45, Tundra 35, or the Roadie 20

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  1. Kyle Grey

    I have a Yeti cooler, and I have actually compared it to a number of other coolers that I have and this is one of the best, do I think it is a bit overpriced? yeah. Great review.

  2. Franklin

    I think YETI made the most durable cooler in this industry. I purchased one for my family one year ago. Since it is providing the best service. Love this.

    1. Dad

      It really is an amazing piece of outdoor equipment. I still think they are a bit overpriced though. Are they worth the price… that is the question.

  3. Ryan Smith

    I love YETI products. Mostly the coolers. Though these are little bit expensive, these are really great in quality.

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