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In a technological age that we live in, a person doesn’t have 2 minutes to remove their self from the electronic devices that surround us. To the point that men now shave driving down the road with an electronic shaver which takes 3 minutes to complete. What happened to the age of Men?
If not with an electronic shaver, other men have opted for the cartridge razor containing lubricant, and lotions to make sure that they don’t nic their precious face.

It is about time that we started going back to our roots and get the cleanest, closest possible shave. But, that will require some sacrifice. We will have to sacrifice all the money we throw away on expensive cartridge razors or blades for the electric shavers. Then buy the cheap packs of double edged blades, or no blades at all. I paid $10 for an economy pack of double edged premium blades for my safety razor, just an idea, that is 100 blades. Each blade lasts at least 6-10 shaves. Not too shabby. The straight razor, has a blade built in and all you need is some time to hone it.

Speaking of time, we need to slow down and savor the time to look at ourselves in the mirror, reflect upon our day. I have found that doing this in the morning can help me have a better day in the long run. Check out the set starter kit and the straight razor. Or just head to www.Wetshavingproducts.com and browse around. Or just start with the shaving soap out of our store.

The good:

The products are very high quality. The starter kit comes with a badger brush (if you never used one, or used a cheap one you have to try a good one like this) aftershave, preshave oil, and some shaving soap. All you need is a shaving mug and your mug and a blade. I have a saftey razor, but if you don’t and want to start there WSP has a good selection. I did get a straight razor. The blade came sharpened and does it ever provide a close shave. You have to slow down with that bad boy, or you are likely to slit your own throat. The service was fantastic and they were quick to deliver.

The smell of the products is good, other companies have better smells than the one I got, but I know some will be better than others. Bay Rum sounds good to me. I opted for barbershop. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and even a shave ready guarantee. What could be better than that? The badger brush is fantastic and much better than the cheap one I bought at target. The oil and aftershave smell great and really do their job well. The soap creates a great smooth shave and moisturizes the skin as its applied.

The bad:

The straight razor I got seems to have a plastic handle (I don’t think it is carbon fiber but it does have a carbon fiber look to it). It is an economy version and one of the cheaper ones. If I were you, I would spend a little more to get a better quality handle. There is a learning curve with the straight razor. How to hold it, and the angle will take some time to learn.


The products are great and they give you a good amount for the price. The straight razor handle was a little flimsy for the price is right. And the company has fantastic response time and customer service.  Head over to them and check out what they offer. The starter set is a perfect gift too.

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