High Speed Daddy – Backpack

High Speed Daddy – Backpack

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High Speed Daddy Tactical Diaperbag backpack

When I found out my wife was pregnant, I was very excited… Then terrified, as I think every man is when he hears those words and sees the test. But then I realized, that I get to be a kid again and play with toys, and teach my child about things. My mind opened to a brand new perspective on things. Then I realized that I would be toting around stuff that was extremely feminine… Those diaper bags, the baby carriers and everything else. And if I had a girl, everything would be pink… that’s when I began to look for something like the high speed daddy tactical diaperbag backpack.

With that being said I had put 4-5 different daddy bags on our registry. I really wanted something I would be proud to tote around that was easy and functional. My wife even bought me one right before our son was born. It was okay, I did a review on it and for someone who is just looking for something that will get him by on occasion, the Eddie Bauer bag will work, but is not ideal.

Enter High Speed Daddy. High speed (for those of you who don’t know) is a term meant to describe a person who is ready and able to quickly respond to an event in a calm manner to create a good outcome. It is used in tactical situations to explain how Tactical teams execute actions against enemies and are prepared for whatever is next…  This bag helps you do just that!

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Overview: Tactical Diaper Bag

So I recently found HSD (highspeeddaddy). Check them out at their website. And was stunned at the backpack they offered. I reached out to him and tried to get a backpack, and they were sold out. They are very popular and growing each and every day. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a coyote tan one which goes perfectly with my Mission Critical baby carrier. I got it in the mail and upon opening I realized that it is quite large, but not overly huge. The right size to use for any operation. And I plan to use it as my daily work bag, then when I need to take my son with us, throw some diapers in and go!

High Speed Daddy Tactical Backpack

The bag Features 600D waterproof polyester lining with 210D interior. Meaning it is not too hard, and not too soft on the outside and softer on the inside. The main pouch is HUGE! Tons of space. and zips all the way down to open fully while the bag is on its back. No pack would be complete if it doesn’t have MOLLE. And the HSD bag has MOLLE on the front and sides to make attaching anything a breeze. There are two insulated pouches, one on each side that are large enough to house two beers each… Now that is bad ass. Just the ability to have bottles on you in their own pocket is great, not to mention the insulation will allow me to carry a lunch to work with me, without a lunchbox.

Additional Daddy Backpack Features:

The list continues with Built in stroller hooks, a concealed wipe pouch, a padded sunglasses pocket, Two exterior mesh pockets for whatever, and even four rubber feet for stability, because… why not? When designing this bag highspeed daddy must have taken the complaints and complements of every other bag out there and put them to use here because this is simply amazing. What’s more is this isn’t simply a diaper bag, no. It is a tactical delivery system for all of your daily wants and needs. My descriptions cannot even do justice to how awesome this design is.


The Good:

Everything about this backpack is awesome. From the $99 price tag (way lower than most competitors with similar offerings), to the design. Everything is awesome! Even the color is perfect. The Coyote Tan matches exactly the look I was going for or you can get it in an even manlier black. Did I mention that I will be using this as my daily carrying to work backpack? And to top it all off, a lifetime warranty.

High Speed Daddy Tactical backpack Diaperbag

The Bad:

I really had to think of the bad about this… Um. Maybe, the size? Maybe. It isn’t huge, and has a ton of space but it isn’t a compact fanny pack either. This is totally a manly large size backpack ready for anything.



I would not change a thing. The backpack is amazing, the service provided by highspeeddaddy is phenomenal, and the price is right. Not to mention a lifetime warranty, you can’t ask for much more. And there is a spot to put your morale patches as you change that blowout of a diaper or if you are like me, your logo patch.

Do not wait to get this backpack, head over to our store now and get yours. They are guaranteed to run out fast. You will never find a better bag. You can also read our review of the Mission Critical Baby Carrier Please check out our video review here.

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