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Dad and the journal

I already wrote a piece about the bullet journal. You can find that here.  I also have an ebook available at amazon and would encourage you to check that out as well, here is the link. This is dedicated to some more ideas and layouts that will be beneficial to dad. Why dad? Because that is who I am. It can probably be applied to mom too, but I am focusing on dad here.

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What is a bullet journal? This was covered in the first article linked above. Check out there for detailed information about it. But as a review, the BuJo is (typically) a dotted notebook that gives the freedom to organize yourself with a bullet list. That’t it.

I did a google search and found all kinds of crazy colorful creations. Do I have to use color? No! This is your notebook designed for you, by you. You do what you want.

What kind of notebook should I use? Any kind will work. A dotted Leuchtturm 1917 is the most recommended.

What is it for? Tracking whatever you want.


So we discussed a basic journal setup in the last article. I have decided that coloring and drawings are not for me in this book. If you like them, do them. I like a clean neat look to everything. I have tried a full calendar with 1 in x 1 in boxes for the dates and I have tried the vertical calendar with the numbers and the days of the week. To be frank, I like the vertical better.

The left side is numbered 1-28,30,or 31 with the day of the week letter next to it. I then separate each week . At the bottom I leave room for notes or a progress tracker for habits I am working on. The right side of the page is set up for tasks that I need to get done for the month as well as appointments, events, and birthdays/holidays. This structure keeps it all nice neat and clean so it is easy to follow.

As a dad I find that the task list is essential for my life. I lose my head trying to keep up with my wife’s and my own schedule. I write everything important in here so I can remember when and what is going on. We attempt to not double book ourselves. The lists here are for the entire month and will be carried over to a daily or weekly schedule on each specific day. I add a pop of color for certain days.

The weekly setup I use is to divide my spread into 8 sections. I use only the first few dots at the left hand of the page and add  the dates from Monday to Sunday. The last box is reserved for notes or a tracker. I then put a monthly calendar next to it to show which week we are in. In the weekly I include tasks for both personal and work life.




Collections are simply lists of items with a common theme. I have a ton of collections about finances in mine, but my favorite is the family activities for the year. This is a wish list of what we would like to do as a family. And as scheduled events go by without attending, they get crossed off. As we complete activities they get marked compete with an x. Finally, Collections are to track anything or simply gather ideas. I use mine as a work notes and then transfer important dates and times to my calendars for scheduling. I also set up reminders for the upcoming deadline if I feel that it may slip past me.

Keeping a collection of mood, food, and exercise is a good way to boost your health. Often times we do not realize our actions until we stop and look at them.

Here is a collection of collection ideas:

  • Books to read
  • Finances, spending tracker
  • Food, mood, and exercise
  • Work Related notes
  • Family activities
  • Movies to watch
  • Prayer list
  • Goals, Short and long term
  • Action Plan
  • Habit Tracker

This list is far from exhaustive. You are in charge try some things you like and tweak them to make it work for you. This is to present you with ideas on how to make your journal better.

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