Hydaway Bottle

Hydaway Bottle

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Hydaway Bottle

Any parent knows that when they are out and about it is important to keep the bare essentials at hand. This includes snacks, drinks, and of course clothing. I am an outdoors man. I like to hunt, fish, hike, explore and trail ride and I also like to bring my family along as well. It is important to be able to bring items along to keep you safe, without weighing you down. Carrying water on a hike is critical but comes at a price: weight and space. Having the water container filled means both valuable space is taken and a lot of weight. Water bottles pose similar issues. While carrying a traditional canteen on you, whether empty or not, the canteen takes up space. The Hydaway Bottle may have solved that issue.

Hydaway bottle

Hydaway Bottle Collapsible water The hydaway bottle is a collapsible water bottle. It collapses all the way down to about the size of a pancake. Being about a half an inch thick, you can really save a lot of space. I took it with me on a trip to Iceland  and it made for a great travel bottle. The bottle is dishwasher save, reusable and saves countless plastic bottles being thrown in the trash. It is certified BPA free and has no additional taste (after you wash it of course).


So our adventure took us from Reykjavik to Djupivogur, a long way with not a lot of stops between. It was great to be able to take the bottle on a plane with us without taking up additional space, and being able to fill it at stops along the way. There is a clip on it that allows the hydaway bottle to attach securely on your bag, or gear easily. I was a bit worried about it leaking, but it proved tight and leak free even when I threw it in the car filled. A great addition to our multiple hikes.

The Good

The bottle truly is collapsible and easily fits in your pocket. The bottle proved to be very flexible and leak proof. We threw them around filled the whole trip.

The Bad

The shape is a bit awkward, but it allows for the collapsible function. The material is a bit flimsy when drinking. The side compresses when I drink out of it. The taste of the material was quite apparent at first, so you have to wash it before using to get rid of the plastic or rubber flavor.


Hydaway bottle collapsible water bottleAny outdoor enthusiast that needs to pack lightly would benefit from the hydaway bottle. Especially if they are going on a long voyage, that will have multiple places to fill. It can save space and allow you to carry additional gear that you may need. They also have the kids bottle, which is incredibly useful for any day out of the house.

Check out a the Liberty Bottles as well. They don’t collapse, but are fantastic all the same. If you are gearing up for a hiking trip, grab some of these Gear Pods.

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