High Speed Daddy Tactical Lunchbox

High Speed Daddy Tactical Lunchbox

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High Speed Daddy Lunchbox

Think back to when you were a kid, going to school with your brown bag lunch… Or in my case, a massive igloo cooler lunchbox. Either way, you had issues. The brown bag failed to keep things cold, and not crushed. The Igloo cooler was bulky, heavy and the locking mechanism often failed, causing the box to spill the contents all over the hallway causing every kid around you to laugh… yeah, grade school wasn’t the best adventure. If only I had the High-Speed Daddy Tactical Lunchbox!

High Speed Daddy Tactical Lunchbox

Much like the HSD Backpack, the lunchbox is built amazingly well. It boasts the same waterproof 600D nylon that the backpack does and the entire thing is insulated so well, that it can keep your lunch cold all day. The colors match that of the backpack and if of course, has molle for your accessories.

The adjustable strap and shoulder pad makes it easy and comfortable to wear even on your long commute to work. The High-Speed Daddy Lunchbox has mesh pockets on the side and on the inside of the lid. The mesh zipped pocket on the lid is great for the ice pack so that the cold can circulate efficiently without taking up space. The additional zippered pockets allow for utensils and anything else you may want fo your lunch. No tactical lunch box would be complete without velcro for your achievement patches!

Tactical lunch box?

High Speed Daddy Tactical Lunchbox HSD Awesome Dad gearWell, yeah. I was skeptical at first. The backpack is very useable and aesthetically pleasing, at least to me. The lunch box, I didn’t think it would work. I was actually looking to downsize my lunch box because I got tired of hauling a huge one around. The problem with downsizing is my lunch was downsized too. When I got the HSD tactical lunchbox, I was surprised at how big it was, but yet it was flexible, so I could stuff it into my backpack if I wanted.

The size is great for taking snacks for the kids on your outings and keeping them cool. Being a dad, you really need to be able to provide food for your kids (it is in the dad training manual). The HSD backpack has insulated pockets, but they are not the biggest for both an ice pack and a bottle. The lunchbox provides plenty of space for both. I haven’t figured out what to put on the molle yet because it is on the back side of the lunchbox. However, a small pouch would be a great addition.

The GOod

So overall, this is a fantastic product, especially if you like the tactical design. The materials and quality are both top notch.  The strap will fit just about any size person and is removable. The velcro for the achievements is always a fun addition, and it keeps your food cold for hours on end. The overall design is great and pairs perfectly with other high-speed daddy products.High Speed Daddy Tactical Lunchbox HSD Awesome Dad Gear

the bad

The worst thing about this bag is the size. Though it doesn’t give me flashbacks to my middle school days dumping the igloo cooler down the hall, it still is quite large. This isn’t always a bad thing as mentioned above. HSD makes up for it by being soft shelled enough to be collapsible and fit inside a backpack easily. But if you are looking for a small bento box, this definitely is not it.


High Speed Daddy, has been putting out some fantastic products and this one is no exception. If you can get over the size of the bag, then it is definitely worth it. If you enjoy the tactical look, please go get the HSD Backpack and Lunchbox.


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