Mission Critical Diaper Bag

Mission Critical Diaper Bag

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A different approach to the diaper bag

Mission Critical baby carrier diaper bagDiaper bags have been predominantly marketed to women over the years, with only a handful even appealing to men. Here in the last couple of years we have seen that switch the addition of daddy backpacks. Most major retailers now carry some sort of daddy bag like the Eddie Bauer Backpack. Then we had the tactical daddy bag. Then came along with a military style bag that fits a more different group of men who wanted function with fashion such as with the High Speed Daddy Backpack. But that design and even the backpack isn’t for every dad. And you are in luck, Mission Critical’s diaper bag is a messenger bag.

Messenger Bag

The Mission Critical Diaper Bag is a messenger style that still boasts the MOLLE webbing to be compatible with the accessory pouches and bottle holder. The style is not overly tactical, but still shows that dad is still a parent. The bag features insulated side pockets, a magnetic buckle, and multiple interior pockets. It has removable stroller straps and is 1000D nylon construction. In certain circumstances, the backpacks can get in the way, and a messenger bag makes it easier to perform the functions of a father.

Our Test

Mission Critical Diaper Bag tactical Daddy We decided to put the bag to the test, and it went with us to Iceland. We didn’t take it on every expedition we went on, but we did take it on a few. In fact, I used it to house my laptop for most of the trip as well as other essentials (snacks, drinks, and emergency supplies). The laptop was well protected and I could easily see this bag as a daily carry work bag. The bag itself was thrown around and dropped a few times when climbing rocks, and boulders. The bag came out unscathed and protected the items inside quite well. I did take the laptop out before dropping the bag, so do not try that at home.

The overall appearance of the bag is a good one and something that I could carry on a routine basis. The layout allows for easy one handed access to your gear so that when you’re carrying your kid and reaching for a diaper, you don’t have to put your son or daughter down then take off the bag and start rummaging through. It is all very well configured.

What do we think?

If you are in the market for a daddy bag, but don’t want the full military look, or a backpack in general this is the bag you need. It is functional, and looks great. It holds up in the harshest of environments and performs without a hitch. It is definitely worth looking into and the investment.

Mission Critical Diaper Bag Messenger Bag Tactical MOLLE

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