AUX Beam LED light bar

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AUX Beam LED Lights

I purchased a Yamaha Grizzly a few months ago and it is a great ATV. But it is unfortunately missing some lights. It has halogen lights but not in a very wide pattern and not very bright. With that being said some aftermarket LEDs are in order.


I purchased a 12” LED bar from AUXBEAM on amazon. The price was certainly right and the reviews were good. So I decieded to make the leap. Upon arrival the package was very tightly packed. The light itself was study and had a nice mount on it, the problem is the light itself does not come with a wiring harness, so I purchased one with it. The other thing is that the light does not have a mount for the vehicle. But that can be aquired pretty easily or we can bolt it on to the frame with a little modification. I will opt for the mount.


I opted to mount it on the front cargo rack… unfortunately the first one that I had ordered didn’t fit. But this one was perfect! I added the mounts to the rack and adjusted the mounts on the light to fit, and bolted it on. The wiring harness was straight forward and easy to install.

The harness was equipped with a relay and a fuse which is nice. I taped the connections between the light and the relay, and ran the wires under the plastic next to the fuel tank and into the battery compartment. The switch has 3M reversible tape and I adhered that just above the shifter.

The Good:

This is a fantastically bright LED setup at a nice low price. It is easy to install and does the job. I haven’t had a lot of time to run with it but thus far it is great. It has a wide beam with the last four LEDs on each side pointed to the side so that the field of view is expanded. It is also sealed and claims to be mothernature proof.

The Bad:

Cost of lighting is usually an indication of quality. Time will tell. The biggest problem I have with this setup so far is that it didnt include the harness or a generic mount. Auxbeam could have easily included these items for a complete package.


This is recommended at this point because it is a cheap and easy setup. Just know that you need to get the mounts and harness. It is easy to install and can be added to any vehicle. It is highly recommended for a Hunting ATV rig that needs to be able to see the trail in the early hours of the morning. This light is amazing and lights every aspect of the trail. They can also be mounted on your regular vehicle for off road use. Aux Beam now makes LED headlight bulb replacements, an excellent way to upgrade your lighting at a fraction of the price.

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