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Mission Critical has some amazing stuff! We recently did a review for their baby carrier which is their pride and joy, and we had to come back for more. We got three new pouch accessories to customize our carrier.

Mission critical Pouches Accessories

Mission Critical is a company that specializes in baby carriers and accessories for dad. Now, they don’t have to be only for dad, as some women like the design too. The carrier’s details are outlined in our previous review and I highly encourage you to check it out too. So about these pouches, they come in three different sizes and colors. The colors match the colors of the carriers, for obvious reasons. There are three different size pouchses, a Rectangle, Square and Expandable.


The rectangular pouch is 5in x 8in by 3in… a total of 120 square inches of space. This rectangular pouch is perfect for snacks, bibs, or anything else you may need to carry on your daily journies with your kid.

The Square pouch is 6.5in x 6.5in x 2in for 84.5 square inches of packable space. This one again is great for snacks, a wallet, money, or anything you could want or need in the field.

The foldable pouch is awesome. It is expandable to 8.5in x 5in x 5in for 212.5 square inches of space. It als has a draw string to close the top. This is perfect for then the poop explodes out of the baby and creates a terrible mess. Especially when you are away from a trash can of any kind. This expandable pouch is great for those dirty messes that you need to tie off and carry out.

All Three feature the same 1000D nylon as the carrier and have pull strings attached to the zipper for easy open and closing of the pouches. They also have a drain hole at the bottom for when, not if, something spills. It also makes cleaning them out a breeze!

The Good:

These are extremely useful additions to the baby carrier. Sometimes I go on a walk with my son and the dogs and don’t want to keep my daddy bag on me. These make it easy to pack an extra diaper, and wipes for a short walk and allow me to control the dogs without needing my hands for the boy. They also are built with MOLLE to attach to the carrier, that goes a long way in my book. Because MOLLE is a modular system, I can use these on my daddy bag or my shooting vest, or anything elst that has MOLLE on it. I will get a ton of use out of these for years to come. There is also velcro on each one so I can add field patches everywhere to really customize it. You can even throw the pouches on the back of the carrier if you need more space or accessories to come with you.

The Bad:

There has to be some kind of downside to just about everything and this may be a minor one. I am big into symmetry, and the rectangular pouch has 4 straps of webbing on the back, while the carrier has 5. This throws the rectangular pouch off center a little. Not a big deal but for an OCD person it will drive them nuts! The square pouch is outfitted with two straps that fit perfectly center on the carrier, but the foldable pouch will sit to one side or the other.

My Recommendation:

I would recommend these add ons for everyone that gets a carrier. If not, at least get the foldable pouch. There is an accessory bundle which has several pouches for a discounted rate. Head over to Mission Critical today to check the pouches out. There are also other accessories, such as a backpack and bottle holder which could be a great addition too. I haven’t ventured into those realms yet.

The accessory pouches are just another fantastic product from an awesome company. Great job MC!


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