Ego Power+ Push Mower

Ego Power+ Push Mower

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A few years ago my wife and I purchased our first home. We went from an apartment over a laundry mat, to a single family home with a quarter acre of grass to cut. I was looking around at what the offerings were and we decided to try something different. 

There were probably thirty different push mowers to choose from at Home Depot and Lowes but at the time only one Electric one that was battery powered. The other electric ones required an outlet and an extension cord to keep track of. 

The battery powered one was intriguing and I decided to give it a try.


Ego Power+ 20 inch Push Mower

I read everything I could on the brand (which I had never heard of) and the quality of the build. Being brand new to the market there wasn’t anything really of value that would determine how long that 56v battery would last or the mower itself for that matter.

I found one at Home Depot that was the floor model and was able to purchase it at a little bit of a discount. They’re very expensive at the beginning and couldn’t justify the price tag of $499.99 at the time especially without knowing the lifespan of the mower or battery. 

Whats in the box?

I bought mine open box, but still had everything that came with it. There was no assembly required and virtually no maintenance to keep up with. The mower itself is as easy as charging the battery, inserting it, and pushing the safety key while pulling the throttle.

Mower Performance

Ego touts gasoline power with an electric motor. Generally, I would have to say that is true. The electric motor is quite powerful with the 56v battery. I was worried that I would have to charge it to finish cutting the yard, and under normal operations it turned out to work perfectly without a recharge. 

In tall grass, the battery would drain quicker and require a recharge before finishing the front and back yard. Remember this was about a  quarter acre so it ran well. There are three options while mowing: Mulch, Bag, or side exhaust. 

The side exhaust requires an redirect that you insert at the back. It then directs the clippings out the side in rather large clumps. The design isn’t the best and has resulted me not utilizing this feature. 

The bagging works very well, but fills up quickly and requires frequent emptying. 

Mulching works pretty good, and is my standard for cutting. The clipping stick to the plastic deck very easily and causes buildup which hits the blades and causes the motor to work harder thus reducing battery performance. 

When the battery is under different amounts of stress, an indication will light from Green to Yellow flashing to red. Obviously green is normal, yellow is high stress and red is overloaded. 


The mower is very quiet overall and allows me to cut the yard without waking my son when cutting outside of his room. This was a major plus for me since I try to be with him when I can. 

The mower starts instantly and requires little maintenance other than sharpening or replacing a blade. 

Mower Longevity

Surprisingly enough the mower has kept up with me for 4 years now without a major issue. There was one point where the control board went bad and needed to be replaced. Ego support was awesome and mailed me a board and instructions on replacing it. 

The replacement took all of 5 minutes and I was able to keep mowing. 

I have seen little slowdown in the battery or how well it charges. We moved to a property with an acre in May of 2018 and I use this mower still to cut about 3/8 of the yard. This does require a recharge to fully complete but still works well for a 4 year old electric mower that was a first generation device.


This has been a fantastic mower over the years and has served me quite well. It is a great design overall backed by awesome customer service and technology that has pushed other companies to make competitve products. Ego has surely done it right, especially with the ability to use their battery in any device that they sell. You can get yours at Home depot or by clicking the button below: 


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