Coffee Rubbed Ribeye

Coffee Rubbed Ribeye

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Mmmm... Buttered Ribeye

There is only one way to cook a steak and that is medium-rare. Now you may think you can cook it well done or rare, but you are wrong. It just isn’t the same thing. Steak is easy to cook but also very easy to screw up. Take your time and watch what you are doing to make sure your steak turns out amazing. Start by lighting your grill. You want a good hit fire with lots of coals. We are looking for a quick sear on each side.


While you are letting your grill heat up pull out your steaks. It is best to actually let them warm up closer to room temperature prior to cooking. Not too long, we don’t want bacterial growth but we don’t want 40 degrees either. Take a fork and tenderize your meat by stabbing it all over each side. Not only does this tenderize it, but also allows for the seasonings to get deep in the fibers. 

Gather your Coffee, Salt, garlic salt and pepper. You want to make sure you use a good coffee. Freshly roasted and fine ground is the best. I suggest this Colombian coffee that is fresh roasted and shipped directly to you. Get whole bean and grind it fine at home.

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Coffee Rubbed Ribeye

Next you are going to mix your coffee, Salt, Pepper, and garlic salt all in a bowl. You should have about 3 parts Coffee, 1 part salt, 1 part garlic Salt and 1 part pepper and 1 part paprika. Make sure the coffee and seasonings are nice and mixed. Melt enough butter to cover the steak and pour on top of the steak. Rub the coffee mixture on both sides of the steak and cover every inch of it. Let it sit until the grill is preheated and ready for use. You want your grill around 450 degrees. I like to cut a few pads of butter and place it on top of the steak also. (mmmmm buttered steak.)

Throw your steaks on your preheated grill and let them sear on the first side. Roughly 5-6 minutes. Flip over and do the same with the other side. Watch flare ups with the butter. You may want to put the lid on and open the dampers on top (weber kettle) to 3/4 open. Use a meat thermometer to verify that it is cooked to 140 degrees and remove from the grill. Let it rest for a couple of minutes then indulge. Pair this recipe with some Grilled Garlic Asparagus and mashed potatoes.

Sweeten the deal

Experiment a little with some brown sugar added to the mix.  I prefer savory and garlic steaks myself but Brown Sugar and Coffee go well together.

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