Human Race

Human Race

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We as adults have a hard time changing the ideas that have been instilled in us since we were toddlers. Knowing that we should take an extra precaution as to what we teach our children. I know that people naturally fear things that are different from themselves, but even more; we are curious.

I am a white male if you couldn’t tell from my photos. I am married to a white female and we have a white son. That’s the way genetics work. My son interacts with white, brown, black, yellow, orange and tan kids of all races and ethnic origins. We want him to not judge a person by the color of their skin but rather by that person’s mind and actions.

We were at the park the other day and my wife, son and I met a young girl who was about 6 years old. She was playing by herself on the playground, very quiet and looked at my wife and me as if we were a threat. I didn’t think too much of it at first because kids are taught not to talk to strangers. My wife was a preschool teacher and her motherly instincts kicked in when there were no adults around watching over the girl. She asked the little girl how she was doing and if her parents knew where she was. The girl hunkered down and didn’t say a word.

My wife realized there was something wrong so she changed the subject to our son. She asked if it was alright if he played with her. Her response was not one we had encountered yet.

“My aunt says that white people don’t like black people”

This was heartbreaking to both of us. My wife being the saint that she is, told her that we like all kinds of friends and it doesn’t matter what color their skin is. The girl immediately opened up and was happy to play with our son. She was sweet as could be. It was hot and being the pale child of his pale parents, the heat turned him red.

The girl saw him turn red and retreated. She asked why he was mad at her. We told her that he is just hot and that his light-colored skin changes color when he is hot or cold. She said that “white people get red when they’re mad”

We responded, “sometimes, but he is just hot”

She played with our son a bit more before we had to go to put him down for bed. We said goodbye and she seemed a little confused with us. Everything she was taught about race was just put into question.

Racism is taught and as the year pass by, it should be removed. I believe that in general this is happening but there are some places and people that still teach this old way of thinking. We must see past this idea of color and race and realize we are human. If we teach our kids to love each other as people instead of making judgments and assumptions based on a color of skin or where a person comes from, in a generation or two we could wipe out this old school of thought. But it has to be universal. It needs to be taught and done away with from all sides.

Color doesn’t matter we are all human. I am a conservative and often get called a bigot, a fool, or racist because of my political and religious beliefs. I assure you that I am none of those things. And the blind eye that people take towards one another is exactly what this little girl was exposed to and something we should fight against whether black, white, republican or democrat.

We are the hope for the future, by building a better future in our children and helping them develop a mindset that is productive. Human is the only race that matters. And the variations in that race make us unique and strong.

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