Keto Dad – Update 1

Keto Dad – Update 1

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It’s Monday morning of a new week and I figured it was time for an update on my latest Ketogenic diet journey. I must say, when you have been on and off keto for some time, getting strict can be very tough. Although, I suppose getting on and staying on this can be a bit tough as well. 

You have to understand that our bodies become accustomed to our lifestyle. We feed on high carbohydrate foods all the time. We become almost addicted to the sugar that carbohydrates are broken into. That quick rush of energy feels good. 


Changing your lifestyle will result with issues.  The changes will cause issues, and undoubtedly you will face obstacles to your new goals. This is essentially what happens each and every year with new years resolutions.  Go to a gym in January and you will be packed in like sardines. Go in March and maybe 20% of those people will still be there. 

We let the issues we face in life affect us to the core. I have this problem where I eat when I am stressed. Stress eating can be a real problem for me, because it is typically sugar laden foods that taste good in the moment, but make me feel like crap a little while afterwards. Dealing with life and a streak of stressful situations building upon one another, has made sticking to any healthy regime difficult. 

What Happened?

I was doing great the first week, and I don’t think that it was the strictness of the diet that caused me to miss my goals. I feel that it was the circumstances of life. No, I haven’t completely failed, and wouldn’t say I really failed at all. But rather, I simply didn’t meet my goal, but that isn’t failure, is it? 

The second week I was still going strong. We had our pool removed because it was a concrete hole in the ground that posed a threat and everything was good. We set up our patio to be installed in place of the pool. Things began to be a bit rocky at work with uncertain things happening. Going back and forth about whether I should start looking for a job takes a toll on you. 

I scheduled an industry certification that is set for the end of this week. Things were going pretty good. We then found mold growing in the basement…. again. The mold was coming from the air ducts sweating and leaking on the sheet rock. We cut the drywall out and found quite a bit of water on the other side. 

We determined that the installer didn’t insulate the ducts and we may be facing the same issue a few times over with the other ducts. I now have a few sections of missing drywall on the ceiling where we cut it out and have insulated them. 

I then found out that my closet in the basement where I was storing my hunting gear had gotten wet from the A/C leaking. The floor was moldy and the walls had begun to mold. All the clothing had become moldy and the issue was getting bad.  We have worked to make sure that this doesn’t happen again and are able to remedy the issue for the safety of our family. Mold is no joking matter and can cause all kinds of health issues. 

Still Keto?

I get asked a lot if I have a cheat day. Well you aren’t really keto if you incorporate a cheat day in your regime. In fact, it may cause you more hindrance than help. I tell everyone that I talk to about keto, that you have to plan to be on it for at least a month. You really do not get full benefits until you have been on it that long. 

So, am I still on keto? Yes, I am. I had some set backs but that is okay. I had some issues over the last two weekends, but again, that is okay. You have to just hop back on and keep going. Every time I see an overweight person, I become more inspired. I know that sounds bad, but it’s true. 

My buddy Eddie, was close to 500 lbs, and I pleaded with him to do something about it. Ultimately he has and is my biggest inspiration. The guy is almost at his first goal a year later and who knows where he will be in the next year. 

What's Next?

Today Starts a new work week. That means a new opportunity to succeed. This week I am going to be on a 16-8 fast (intermittent fasting). This is also referred to as the 8 hour diet. I also have been using some supplements which seem to help. I will post more about them later. Wish me luck as I push out from the wall again and try to make a change for the better. 

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  1. Logan Roberts

    Great info in this blog! Was reading a few of your articles and this one stuck out as I have been keto for almost 3 years now.

    I appreciate your honest product reviews and am happy to see a fellow dad documenting his experience with them!

    1. Dad

      Thanks Logan! I appreciate your feedback!

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