Upgrading to iPhone Xs

Upgrading to iPhone Xs

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Upgrade or Not?

I was a little late to the smartphone world. Not as late as my brother, or some other people but being in IT as my full time job I should have been a little faster to adopt the smart phone. The first one I had was absolutely terrible. It was the state of the art flagship Motorola phone in 2011.

The Bionic.

The Bionic was promised to be the best of the best android phone out there running ice cream sandwich and a true powerhouse. Instead we got a lemon. Motorola abandoned the bionic right before its release for the more favorable Droid RAZR. The RAZR was thinner, lighter, faster, and more powerful than the bionic and was released a few weeks later. The Bionic was delayed by over three months causing it’s flagship status to fade. The bionics biggest competitor was its own company’s next big release.

Apple Products

At the time I had a iPod touch. It was okay. The Droid phones seemed to be a little further advanced to some features and I owned no other Apple devices so it made little sense for me to move to an iPhone. Especially with the LCD screens used in iPhones vs the AMOLED screens used in the androids.

I was put to work on the MacBook deployments for my company and eventually on the iOS deployment as well. I now was thrust into the world of Apple and using an android piece of junk phone that wasn’t supported by its manufacturer. The best thing about Apple is that the software is built for the hardware and they integrate very well.

Information Technology and My Phones

So being a dad and a blogger, I do not need the latest and greatest technology. Being in IT, I do. I need a phone that gets the fastest speeds can handle advanced workloads and is able to connect seamlessly with other devices to ensure that I can provide my clients with uninterrupted support. I have found it difficult to keep up with the Technology. Android has always been ahead of Apple for releasing things like Quick Charging, and Wireless Charging. But for someone like me, those don’t mean much.

iPhone X

The X really wasn’t that big of an advancement for the smartphone world. Many other manufacturers had already gotten rid of physical buttons. and utilized a most of the screen space. The Pixel in 2016 had almost no unused space on the screen. The biggest thing that the X had offered was the dual lens camera and portrait mode, which was also offered on the larger handsets.

The price tag of $1000 was outrageous…. Or was it. It really wasn’t considering it was on par with the Pixel and Pixel 2, at $800. Sure $200 difference but its also an iPhone. Apple seems to be pushing back into that idea that an Apple device is a luxury item and sets you apart from the rest of the world. And the latest addition the XR proves that. They offered the “Less Expensive” iPhone XR with most of the features of the XS but put a standard LCD screen in it and only one camera lens on the rear. This is to appeal to the normal people who cannot afford luxury items…

iPhone XS Max X 8 7 Apple

Should I Upgrade?

This is the question. Should I jump off my iPhone 8 and move to the XS. I have always despised the “S” releases. They really don’t offer much value. It was just a way for Apple to make money in an off year when someone two years ago had upgraded. The specs are almost identical to the iPhone X minus the extra gigabyte of RAM, the upgraded processor and the increased IP rating. The XS Max looks promising, but I can’t stand Phablets. Been there done that. Way to difficult to hold in one hand and use, which is essential for me.

So, the big question, Should I upgrade from the iPhone 8. Not really, but I am going to. I shouldn’t upgrade because the performance of the new phone really doesn’t smoke the A11 chip in my iPhone 8. But I should upgrade because I want camera capabilities. The enhanced camera will serve great for Awesome Dad Gear and allow me to take better photos of products. From an IT perspective, the enhanced GPU will allow me to better handle data processing and the radio may actually increase my connectivity when I need to use my phone as a hotspot.

I went with the iPhone 8 because I couldn’t justify the price tag of the iPhone X. and in reality I can if I keep the phone for more than the 18 months to the next upgrade cycle.

Is the XS worth the upgrade? Somewhat. It depends on what you need and what you want. In my case, my 8 has been acting up and having problems. My wife is on the 7 and qualifies for a trade in amount just about equal to what she could get on eBay, so that is a no brainer. She doesn’t need the power behind it, but would love a good camera in the phone. That is our reasoning for upgrading at this time. The camera.

I was even thinking of waiting for the Pixel 3 release and going back to an Android. But my Apple watch, has kept me a loyal Apple customer. Which was their plan all along.


So if you are in the market for a new phone, you should probably have at least an iPhone 7 or earlier to make the justification on performance increase. If you have an 8+ or X, then you should wait. The upgrade is really not worth it. If you have an 8, there should be something that you cannot live without to upgrade. Like the camera features. The Features do not justify the price tag when you can get essentially the same phone for cheaper. Apple knows this and that is why they discontinued the iPhone X and only reduced the price of the remaining stock by $100.

Apple is a power player, and are very good at marketing. They make you want their products… Always have.

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