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You are probably sitting there and wondering why I picked up another Panda Planner. Well the reason is simple. I really liked the first one I did. The Panda Planner Pro (Review Here) was a very interesting planner for sure. It just wasn’t quite for me. I have been struggling a bit to keep on task with my bullet journal (review here) and decided to try something else again. The via was a little of the old mixed with a little of something new. It added a bit of business into the mix to help keep your goals in mind. It specifically is designed to help increase productivity and happiness by focusing on your strengths. 

What Are Your Strengths

This part may be a bit more blog and not quite review so bear with me some. I have always had an issue with identification of my strengths. For some reason I don’t feel that I am good at very much. I know I am not a good sales person. I don’t like talking to people very much unless I thoroughly enjoy the topic of the conversation. I have to say it has been difficult for me to identify what my strengths truly are. 

I have taken many strength quizzes. Including Strength finder 2.0, Clifton Strengths, and now VIA, all of which have different results. Of course these can be based off of mood, energy, and other external factors affecting a person at the time of taking the assessment so there are no hard and fast answers that is for sure. 

So I took the Via Strengths test. It is a survey you can find on their website and is free to take. It provides you with how well you score in each of the 24 areas they identify as strengths. Everyone has all 24 strengths, but the degree to which each person has it differs so the survey highlights the top four to use. The rest are in order from greatest to least after that in the planner as well. 

Panda Planner Via Strengths
Panda Planner Via Strength Business Growth Productivity Planner

Build Upon Your Strengths

If you haven’t read the first Panda Planner review, please go back and read that one first, because this planner layout is exactly the same! Meaning I am not going to focus great detail on the layout of the planner. I am going to focus on what is different. 

So, the layout. 

It’s a good layout blank monthly, weekly and daily setup that allows you to reference each day, week and month accordingly to plan appropriate events and stay productive and on top of meetings and appointments. These are outlined in more details int he previous post about the planner. The new features highlight your strengths associated with various goals, and strengths used for your reflection. You also have a weekly spotlight strength that you will focus on when planning your week and plan your week around that strength. Pretty interesting when you are able to identify and put those strength to work. 

Me, I just haven’t been able to do that yet.  

The daily routine is just about the same as the original planner except it has a segmented box for strengths to use for each priority and a strength to appreciated in other at the end of the day routine. 

I think that if you can get all of this together and really are able to use this as a daily planner then it can be a fantastic asset to you. A person can learn a lot about themselves and can create opportunities to change their circumstances. For me, It hasn’t happened just yet. But I am not giving up just yet. 

Worth it?

Worth it? Yeah, if you can be the kind of person that is able to look at themselves and identify their strengths. For me it is hard. The panda Planner is still a very rigid system that will work well for a very tight schedule where you can plan your day out in advance. If you are unable to plan your time out in advance this may not be the solution for you. The quality is great, and the price is right. If you haven’t given a Panda Planner a shot yet, and you aren’t looking for something blank like a Bullet Journal, then head on over to amazon and pick one up.

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