Keto Dad – Update 2

Keto Dad – Update 2

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If you have been following along these Keto Dad updates you realized that they were quite unsuccessful. In fact, you were probably laughing pretty hard at me for even trying. I was writing updates after trying to go on the diet for a day or two then failing for a few days. Not much of a plan. So this is a real update. 

So you probably know that I have been struggling over the last few months with some personal issues. Issues that were amplified by stresses that seemed to have compounded in a way that I could not figure out how to deal with. Well that is still going on. I have no resolution for that yet, but at the pleading of Awesome Mom (my Wife) I did go back to the doctor and get a secondary treatment for my migraines. I do not like to be medicated but with everything else in the world going on at once, I decided it was not fair for myself or my family to lay that much burden on my shoulders at one time. 

A little relief was due. 

I started my migraine medicine about four weeks ago and decided that with it I was also going to start keto full time as well. It would be hard with the holidays but it would be worth it. Combining the medicine with keto would have positive results and should push my migraines away quickly as well is get me to a healthy physical condition that I am seeking. 

The medicine also has another treatment affect, its a mood stabilizer. So while toward the end of the week as my body is getting used to the dosage still I have crashes, during the start of the week I have felt great. Mood has been generally up depression minimal 1 or 2 out of 10. The lowest I have felt in a long time. While there are other things that play a role in that feeling and it makes me sad to know that it may only be the medicine holding me at those levels, at this point in time, I will take what I can get. It is a much needed break from the harsh darkness in which I was in. 

So far my keto diet had helped me drop 11 lbs in just shy of 4 weeks. I have pretty good energy. The leg cramps are starting so that means I need to start supplementing extra potassium and magnesium. I have had a few headaches but not many. The few I have had were severe and lasting a few hours. Notable and worth remembering. Keto is supposed to help with brain function and cognitive ability while the medicine can inhibit thought processes. Time will tell which will be stronger. Another week or two and I should be fully keto adapted. 

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