Awesome Update July 2019

Awesome Update July 2019

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It is late July 2019, and as my readers can tell I haven’t done a whole lot this summer. In fact I have done mostly nothing. And I apologize. I have been working long hours most of the summer because of an outage at work. Looking forward, what is going on for Awesome Dad Gear? If you haven’t checked out the Average Gentleman’s Podcast, please take a moment and go check it out here

First off, we are always looking for new awesome stuff to review and check out. What we are looking for is stuff that can make dad’s lives better, their kids lives better, happier, easier, healthier, etc. We do some paid promotions, but the majority of our items are from sponsors where the items are donated for a review. We usually give these items away to people we know who need or could use the items more than we do or do a giveaway of the items here on Depending on the agreement we make with the sponsor.

We are looking to hopefully get a pellet grill or two in the near future to do a full review of up for our grill master page and YouTube. We will expand some of our recipes and add some keto recipes to it as I know there are quite a few of our followers who are very interested in the ketogenic diet. I am going to do a review of our Big Dog Alpha Riding Mower as well as a YouTube review of that one. I have quite a few more Ideas I am looking into.

Here is the start of something big.

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