Back to Keto, Back to Basics

Back to Keto, Back to Basics

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Being a parent is no cake walk, and I think that is one of the reasons so many parents end up neglecting their own physical health and letting their body weight go to hell. It isn’t necessarily a choice, but rather just something that happens because of time and stress of raising a family while dealing with life — I get it! That’s why I wanted a simple idea, and went with keto. 

The Ketogenic diet is a simple idea, reduction of carbohydrates in your body to change the fuel your body and brain uses from glucose to ketone bodies…. That is it in a nutshell. There is a lot more to consider with a ketogenic lifestyle than just what to eat, but you should understand what is happening in your body and why. That is what you are doing converting your fuel source from sugar to fat essentially which is why you see significant body fat reduction on the diet in such a short period of time. If you still are interested in learning about the ketogenic diet I suggest you check out or the ketogenic bible on amazon. They are two of the best resources I have found.

Keto Diet + Exercise = Results 

Remember that Diet is 80% of the equation and exercise is 20%. You want to get buff or shed weight you have to change what you put in your mouth first.

There used to be a lot of stigma (and still is some) around a ketogenic diet. A lot of that has been pushed aside as celebrities and coaches have adopted the lifestyle and pushed it on us regular people. The more people use it the more doctors are going to have to take it seriously and look at it from an objective viewpoint and not just what the federal government or what their funding sources tell them to look at it as, and that is important — and another topic for discussion. 

As I have jumped back on the keto train this time, I have done things a little differently. I am not trying to be as strict as my goal is not a weight loss journey of 30+ pounds but rather a maintenance period and perhaps a small loss of 10 pounds. My end goal will be to slim down from a body fat percentage and get a little more definition to my muscles, something I have never really had.

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How do you do that being a dad? Well that is a hard thing, and here is what I have found to be a key.

Home Gym

Having a home gym is a big benefit to those guys that feel they don’t have time to workout. The upfront cost is may be a little higher then going to a gym that you pay annually or monthly but the overall investment is worth it. I know that my biggest complaint or reason for not working out is time. Finding time or making time to workout is critical and a home gym can do just that.

In my area the closest gym to me is a minimum 20 minute drive one way, that is a 40 min round trip drive I have to commit on top of my workout. After 10 hours of work, the 2 hour of spending time with the family in the evening (if that), I may want to relax with my wife a little or use that extra 40 minutes for something a bit more productive, which usually prevents me from leaving the house again. Having the ability to go and lift in my own space when I want to is a dream, especially if you have the luxury of working from home.

If you have a home gym and still struggle to find time, then you need to look at why you are having those issues. Stop making the excuses. Bring the kids with you, but be safe about it — we don’t need any accidents. Teach them young the rules about lifting and what are and are not toys in the gym. They will enjoy being with Dad, and you will enjoy being with them.

Break the Fast

Sometimes all it takes is to break a fast. We get in a habit of excuses to the point that we talk ourselves out of a good thing before we begin. Exercise is often one of these good things we talk ourselves out of. Combining Keto with exercise is a fantastic idea and my issue is I don’t “feel” like it until I get started. Well, I am telling you to break that fast.

I have fasted from exercise for about a year and a half now so of course an object at rest tends to stay at rest, that is basic physics. Sometimes you have to start working out before your mind will join you into thinking that you will be able go keep up with it or it will be good for you. In fact it may take longer than one session, it may take a week before it starts making you feel good, and a month before you begin noticing results. The key is to start and to do that sometimes you have to break you stall and get moving.

Workout Videos?

Beach Body videos like T25, P90x and body beast are a great way to get you moving and if you have nothing else then yes they are better than nothing and they can work, but they are not for everyone. Before you go spending a couple hundred dollars on a fitness regime, that promises you results if you purchase their program, I would look into a real diet and exercise routine. That is why I went with Keto and did the research myself on what keto is and how it works and followed a real weight lifting program for sculpting and not just some video series that promised me that I could do it too, but didn’t explain why it would work. If you don’t have time an HIIT program like T-25 is great for getting heart rate up and burning calories in a short period of time and is better than nothing for sure.

Paid Gym

Some people love a paid gym, you get all the equipment you could ever need for a low monthly rate, and that is perfectly fine. If that is what you prefer then great! Use it. I am not against paid gyms at all, I used 24 hour fitness for years and loved it, but I know there are plenty of dads out there that do not have access to a gym right around the corner that would make it convenient enough to be worth the drive to the gym. If I had one that was closer you bet I would be using it.

If you are interested in starting a ketogenic diet then I suggest you do your research thoroughly. The Ketogenic Bible is a fantastic resource. Of course always check with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise routine to ensure that you are healthy enough for it. Check out our flipboard magazine dedicated to the ketogenic diet and recipes.


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