The Unexpected Effect Of Bullet Journaling

The Unexpected Effect Of Bullet Journaling

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The Bullet Journal is a unique way of prioritizing your tasks in a dot matrix notebook that is quick, concise and easily adaptable to just about any situation. It has been taken and transformed by thousands of people into something so much grander than what it was designed to be. In fact it was quite minimal when the idea was presented, with a simple format, short notations, and easy references that could be applied to both personal and professional life. 

People have since taken the idea and expanded it with colors, stencils, photos, stamps, and just about everything in between. That is all well and good but it sort of detracts from the idea of the bullet journal which is productivity and simplification. 

Recently I did a presentation on the bullet journal for my company as a method of productivity and I realized something that I never had before. There is an extra feature built into the system that is different from other planners. Other planners you may or may not keep the planners over time, but since you take notes in your bullet journal, and have collections of ideas included with your bullet journal and may reference them throughout using your index and other collections and volumes it is important to keep your journals around for a while. 

Bullet Journal Productivity
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Personal Accountability

Something that is lacking in so much of our lives is personal accountability, especially when we are trying to reach our goals, or get thing accomplished. Being productive is all about making progress and moving forward and the bullet journal is our personal reference book. It simply allows us to take a look back in time to a point and see what we were working on, what was going on in our lives and how we were handling it. Adding collections like a gratuity journal or feelings journal to monitor depression, anxiety and mental well-being can help us get the big picture of how various things going on in our lives at a certain point in time effected us. 

Useful Information

That may not seem like a great deal of information but it is huge! Knowing how you are feeling during a certain time in the past during an event with a direct influence on you is incredibly powerful. Events and history repeat itself and hindsight is 20/20. You can look back and remember the thoughts and feelings you had during that time as well as how you handled situations. Using the information in the bullet journal you will be able to adapt to future scenarios and alter your reactions for the better. 

We have issues with mental health in our world and part of the problem is identifying our problems, when they happen, and how we interact with them. This system give us a chance to tackle our issues head on, so long as we are diligent and review our lives on paper. 

Interested in a Bullet Journal?

Have you not yet started a bullet journal? Check out our Flipboard magazine where you can find just about all the information you could want on the subject. If you are looking for a journal we recommend the Leuchturm 1917 Dot Matrix, which is available on Amazon. You can also visit our some of our other write ups on the subject at 

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