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I have been a fan of the ketogenic diet now for a few years and been in and out of keto since 2015. It has been rough at times and easy at times. At first I must say it was really hard because of a lack of resources. And what I mean is there was few places to find good information on the ketogenic diet without diving into hard research from the 50’s to piece together myself. It was really just starting because the craze hadn’t taken off yet. There was some, but not a whole lot. The best sources on the internet was actually reddit. And those sources are not always the most reliable.

Explaining to my family that I was not going to die by eating fat and butter but rather doing myself a favor by reducing the amount of processed sugars was a difficult sell. I had to learn as much of the science as I could to be able to explain to them I knew what I was talking about.

Ketogenic Diet: It’s Reached Critical Mass

Fast forward a bit to today where just about any grocery store and health food isle you see something with a Keto label on it… Even if it isn’t really keto mind you. Instagram is flooded with Keto models trying to ride the wave and get rich off of ambassador programs and influencer marketing. All well and good, but you should choose your diet based on your research not because some model on Instagram lost 120 lbs doing some weight loss routine that she got paid to promote.

The thing is, keto works and works well. The reason why is because it is a natural state that the body goes into and each person processes carbohydrates differently. Some people are more insulin resistant and some are more sensitive and that is why one person may eat a meal consisting of nothing but bacon and eggs and very little carbs, while another have a few simple carbs, few complex carbs and some fat and protein but both individuals have the same insulin response to the meal.

The whole calorie in vs calorie out is a good starting point but it is more complex than that and the more I read and learn about the ketogenic diet the more I want to stick to it and do it. I see the evidence that keto is more of a lifestyle that may help prevent cancers, boost metabolism, reduce inflammation, increase overall feeling of well-being, reduce chances of heart disease and other serious illness and help overall health.

There is plenty more to learn and I am just at the beginning. I am unlocking my knowledge and would encourage anyone interested in learning more about the ketogenic diet, its history, science, how it works, implementations, and how to properly regulate it to read the ketogenic bible

Follow My Keto Craze

If interested, I have been documenting some of the progress I have been making with the keto diet along the way and how the craze has effected my family and life in general. At this point it has become easier to get foods and supplements that are keto friendly and keep on track with macros to meet the goals that I want to accomplish. Read a few of my keto-dad blog posts and find out what I have been up to. 



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