Keto Dad – Update 3

Keto Dad – Update 3

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Here it is, late January 2020 and most people have already fallen off of their resolutions for the new year. Me, I have barely started. In fact, I didn’t really make a resolution this year. Instead I set a theme — Focus. Focus on family, health and relationships. For the health portion I reached before 2020 even hit. I met my Goal weight of 165 lbs using keto back in November,  and surpassed it down to 157 lbs unexpectedly.  

The Ketogenic Diet Going Forward

Food is essential for muscle growth, but understanding how the body uses the composition of the food we consume will help a person become smarter when developing an actionable plan for their own goals, whatever they are. Using tools such as The Ketogenic Bible or other scientific resources are good ways to educate yourself on how food is processed into energy in the body. 

With that being said, I dropped below my goal weight despite eating my macros and continuing to lift weights. The drop was significant and I began to lose muscle mass as well simply because I failed to recalculate my macros. I was at a new weight, and no longer was trying to lose weight but at a maintenance and beginning my next re-composition phase. Now that I have adjusted and am eating appropriately that has stabilized and I have now gone up a little to where I want to be. I have begun to put on muscle mass and seeing muscle definition. As with anything diet and exercise related, nothing is overnight. 

Exercise Plan

My primary plan moving forward is mostly going to be using the Strong lifts 5×5 app for iOS. I find it is a great generic full body workout. I am supplementing out with some extra ab exercises, pull ups, and kickboxing to keep it unique for me. Obviously we will have to switch it up overtime to keep it interesting but for now this is what’s working for me. 

Strong Lifts 5×5

Strong Lifts is a program that guides you through various lifts, sets, and rest periods that adjusts for weight increases and decreases. It’s a nice program overall and I have really enjoyed it. I have done a few other programs, but I enjoy this one because of the simplicity of tracking. I could keep my bullet journal with me and track exercises just as easy but the app allows me to carry less in the gym at work. 


I have never been one for cardio, I simply get winded extremely easily. I was never able to run a 10 min mile, or even sprint for more than a few seconds without a lot of pain in my sides. But I started doing kickboxing with a friend recently and I have thoroughly enjoyed it more than I ever thought I would. The coaches keep me motivated to move and push through the pain. I have seen my endurance increase over the last few sessions and my strength is definitely improving. 

Supplemental Workouts

I add in supplemental workouts daily. This includes 100 push-ups daily. These 100 push-ups I do as many in one set as I can. At the moment I top out at 50 in the first set, 30 in the second set and 20 in the final set. I try and do this first thing when I wake up, or right before I go to bed, but I do this every day. Also, I try to do a minimum of 5 pull ups whenever I have access to anything I can pull up on. At work I have access to a gym, so 3-5 times a day, I will walk in there and do 5-8 pull ups. The next supplemental workout I plan to add-in are sit ups. With a goal of 100 per day. 

The idea is to stay active and keep my body burning calories and building muscle throughout the day, everyday. Even on rest days.  

My Keto Experience

Check out some of my other posts from the Keto Dad series I have posted. They have been written off and on since 2018 now. I have been on Keto since 2015, and my starting weight before that was 240 lbs. I found a picture of myself from when I started P90x3 and I frankly cannot believe how large I had gotten, and at the same time couldnt believe I had lost 82 lbs. 

It had been a slow and steady 7 years to lose that much weight and some people lose it much faster. Props to them! But for me it was a long and hard road. That 240 lbs me I look at now and never want to see in the mirror again. He is a reminder of a former self who couldn’t do a pull up, barely run, and was dominated by the idea of “I can never be like that.” 

7 years later, the mentality has changed. It is now “I will never be like that, again.” I am in charge of my life. I am in control of me and pushing to make myself a better person for the future. 

Interested In Learning More About Keto?

If you are interested in learning more about the ketogenic diet I encourage you to check out scientific based research. I highly recommend the Ketogenic Bible, which is available on Amazon. is another fantastic resource that is based in science. Try to stay away from resources that say take this and you will lose weight, or information strictly posted on social media channels such as instagram. Do your own research and diligence when it comes to your health. If you are looking for a good protein powder to supplement while lifting. I use isopure protein powder which is also available on amazon. 

If you decide to purchase an item from our amazon links we do get a small kickback to help keep the site operating but it doesn’t cost you a thing. Its a great way to support me.   

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