Moultrie M-888 Game Camera

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Moultrie M-888 Game Camera

I have never subscribed to setting up a game camera. I just didn’t really get to the field enough to make it worth it. But this year, I decided to pick one up. I got this one from tractor supply company and it was very easy to setup. It didn’t come with batteries or an SD card but the cards are coming down in price so I opted for a 32GB to make sure that it could hold enough photos between trips to the woods. This isn’t necessarily a piece of dad gear, but is a gadget that dad may like to try out.


The M-888 features a quick setup for those of us who just want to get pictures of that monster buck at 2 am under our stand but also includes video modes, delays, infrared flash, and an LCD display. There are external power supplies that can be attached for Solar Power options and even a USB port for Cellular transmissions…. I don’t need all of that.

My experience:

The camera was simple to setup. Add the batteries, and SD card. Attach it to a tree and turn the switch to quick start. Done. If you want to check out more features then you will need to spend a little more time in configuration.
I walked directly up on it one morning when I was turned around in the woods and it took about 5 different pictures without me even knowing where the camera was. I bring my laptop with me and import the photos each time I go into the woods and reset it when I am done. I have no need for a SD card reader but they are out there.


  • Infrared Flash so nothing is noticable at night.
  • 14MP resolution
  • 100 Ft Max Flash range
  • .7 second trigger speed
  • Multi-mode
  • video recording



The simplicity is great, easy to setup. Easy to offload pics. The range is fairly good, and for its price it is decent. Could be better but not bad. It does what it is supposed to. The batteries have lasted for 8 months thus far which is good. The biggest problem I have is trying to fix it to the tree. It is set at a single angle and the fastener to hook it on the tree is pretty long. It allows you to hook it up to a variety of tree sizes but are hard to handle by yourself with larger trees.

Aiming it to the right place can take some practice and adjusting to the right height also takes some practice. Occasionally I will get a bright picture at night from the flash, and the trigger is very sensitive, but not a problem if you have a large memory card and check it fairly often. The bright picture is eliminated with the M-888i. This bright picture is the infrared bouncing off an object too close. It happens all the time with my baby monitor.


All in all, I would recommend this camera. It does it’s job with minimal issues. There are some areas that could be improved on such as an integrated cable lock that could attach it to the tree. There are mounting points to attach it to the Moultrie Feeders. The M-888 and M-888i are a couple of years old and if you are looking for the latest (2017) model look for the M-40 series.  There are locking boxes that deny access to intruders which may be something worth looking into.

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