Be in the moment.

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Yesterday my Son and I took an impromptu trip to my headquarters (home depot) because I had a random idea for our back yard that I just had to act on. I loaded up my son in the truck and gave him his toys, and blankets, which he promptly threw off, and were on our way.

I strapped on my Mission Critical baby carrier and loaded him in it. I must say it is nice to  be able to go to the store hands free. We walked around the store for a good thirty minutes or more and finally loaded up with the materials we needed to get the job done. I got him settled in the truck again and gave him the toys and blanket, which he promptly threw off. I finished packing the materials into the bed of the truck and realized how quiet he had been the entire ride. He didn’t say a peep, grunt, or whine. He just was examining the world around him as it flew by out the window and through the store. It was close to bedtime and saw he was beginning to fall asleep in the seat.

I reached around and put my hand on his car seat. I cannot begin to describe how it feels when those little fingers wrap around my hand and he smiles from ear to ear. My heart filled with an unimaginable happiness that is simply indescribable. I never had experienced anything like this prior to being a parent. My older brother told me on various occasions that the experience of being a father is like no other, and I truly believe that.

He sat there holding my hand all the way home. We were both quiet just soaking up the moments together. When I glanced in the mirror his gaze always turned back to mine. Being dad means being present in the moment with your children.

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