Manscaped – Lawnmower 3.0

Manscaped – Lawnmower 3.0

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Remember back to 2017, we did a review on the Manscaped Perfect Package. Feel free to read up on that first, but we figured its been almost 3 years and it was time for an upgrade and a giveaway. We have been using our lawnmower for three years and had to change the batteries out a few times, while have gone through a couple design iterations. 

I can’t believe they are on their third version already! But that makes sense. The second came out very shortly after we did our initial review of the perfect package. 



If you are just hearing about the company, you are a little late to the game… They are a hygiene company focused around men’s grooming of their groin area… If you couldn’t figure that out by the name, then you probably live under a rock. You can find them at and on Amazon if you prefer to shop with prime. 

Being a company that supports such a unique area of expertise they also support raising awareness for testicular cancer, which is a good cause for all men. 

Upgraded Lawnmower

So the trimmer has been upgraded from the original and the 2.0. What exactly has changed? 

From the first generation trimmer the answer is everything, but from the second generation the answer is a bit more subtle. 

  • Upgraded 7000 RPM motor
  • Advanced SkinSafe Ceramic Blades
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable battery
  • 90 minute run time on a single charge
  • Rapid Charging Dock
  • USB-A charging cable with status light
  • LED illuminated Trimming area
  • Waterproof
  • Diamond nonslip grip pattern 

There are two questions… If I have a previous version is the new one good enough to upgrade. And Should I buy into the version 3 if I don’t have any yet? 

So we are going to answer both of these questions and look again at the other items that come in the latest perfect package 3.0

Upgrading to the Lawnmower3.0

The new Manscaped lawnmower is worth purchasing if you are brand new to trimmers for a few reasons. The upgrades present are fantastic reasons. The 7000 RPM motor means smooth cuts with less hair pulls. The blades are ceramic and remain sharp for longer periods of time with advanced SkinSafe Technology

Whatever that means  

But helps to prevent nicks and cuts… That doesn’t mean it wont cut you… Believe me it will STILL CUT YOUR JUNK! 

Being waterproof is nice so you can trim in the shower… but you better put a mesh filter over your drain to prevent clogs.

If you own the 2.0 already This is a worthy upgrade if you have worn out the 2.0 and need to replace it. If you are just upgrading because the new hottness is out… That is up to you. This is the iPhone of groin grooming. 

The Perfect Package 3.0

Whats in the upgraded perfect package? 
  1. Lawnmower 3.0
  2. Crop preserver
  3. Crop reviver
  4. Boxer briefs
  5. Disposable shaving Mat

Crop Preserver

The crop preserver is anti-chafing lotion and deodorant that helps control the pH of your nether regions. 

I have used this for years now and it is for sure a life saver, especially after drinking 4-5 cups of coffee and I can smell the coffee leaking from my pores. 

This helps keep you from chafing and is fantastic post trimming! If you trim at all, you want this to help keep that itch down. 

Boxer Briefs

The boxers are a new addition. they are moisture wicking anti chafing material and very comfortable. They run a little snug so keep that in mind when ordering. 

They are a nice addition to the package and let the world know that you keep it classy in your pants every time you bend over and show them the Manscaped logo.

Crop Reviver

The crop reviver is a deodorizer and active pH control spray that helps with anti-friction and anti-itch.

Its great for right after trim and use with the crop preserver but is also great to freshen up on the go before you see your special someone. 

Disposable Shaving Mats

Included is also the hilarious shaving mats fashioned in the form of newspapers. Take the time to read the articles. Worth every moment. 
These are great for collecting your strays as they fall freely. Pick it up and trash them, limited mess. 

Overall Thoughts

I may be a bit biased as I have used manscaped products over the last couple years, I continue to be impressed by the quality of their lotions, and cleansers. The new trimmer is several steps above the original. Beware that you can a still cut yourself on the blades and it does hurt. 

Yes I did this, its not fun… go slow. 

The best deals are available on the manscaped website itself under their subscription program.where you can subscribe to a monthly delivery of reviver, and preserver for a discounted rate and also get a travel bag. 


Limited Time Awesome Dad Gear

We have a couple Manscaped Perfect Package with the lawnmower 3.0 to give away. If you have read this far, then you are a lucky one who is able to get one of these kits for free. 


I ask a couple of things. Comment below on what you like about the trimmer, manscaped or Awesome Dad Gear. 

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I will choose a two comments from here and two from Instagram and Two from Facebook to giveaway! Your odds are good! 

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