Provider, Protector, and Advocate

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When you feel like you are at your worst, you must still push forward. You do not have the privilege to give up, or slack off. You are the provider, the protector, and the advocate of your family. As the the provider you work your ass off every day to keep the home warm, food on the table, and lights on. You work until you feel ready to drop but because you love your family, it is all worth it. As protector, you face the noises in the dark. You rush into action when required, but you also keep a calm composure when needed. As advocate you fight for your family and what they need and deserve. You uphold their right to be and you ensure to the utmost of your ability that they continue on in safety.


It is amazing what goes through my mind about my family, their safety and how to reach our goals and dreams. Constantly I think of how I can improve myself for them, improve our situation, and protect them to the fullest. When my son is around, my thoughts and instincts are heightened and my wife can attest to that. It seems to her that I am worrying unnecessarily, and while that may be true, in my mind it is fully justified.

I have jumped jobs a lot in the last few years, it has been to increase salary quickly and learn new things in different environments. While jumping jobs is not the best way to learn, I have been able to fair pretty well. I am finally in a position that I am thoroughly enjoying and feel like I could be here for quite some time. The pay is good and medical is good too. I am working hard to be that provider.

I fully support the 2nd amendment. While I know that some people think that guns are scary thing that kill people, I see them as a useful tool to protect my family. I prefer to carry my firearm in my home and utilize extreme caution while doing so, they are not toys.  The thought of teaching my son how to safely operate a firearm is exciting to me. I remember getting my first bb gun as a boy and that red rider was amazing. We must have put over 100,000 bb’s through it. We would fire it for hours in the back yard decimating cans. We learned about firearm safety and proper use at an early age, and respected the absolute power that the gun wields. It will be a great thing to be able to take my son to the range, competitions, and hunting. He also has the love and support of my side of the family that appreciates firearms, and proper education on them, not to mention a large band of mountain men that he will be able to compete with in coming years.

I push for our family first. I firmly believe that you cannot help others until you can stand on your own. I believe that from a spiritual feeling as well as a physical one. You can’t help your friend stand up, if you can’t stand yourself. Its common sense. I have to push my family forward first, then I can help those in need around us. That doesn’t mean that we don’t help people around us where we can. In areas that we are doing well in, I try to help others wherever I can. But my priority is always my son and my wife.


Being dad is being provider, protector, and advocate of your family.

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