Armore Fitness – Wearable anywhere fitness

Armore Fitness – Wearable anywhere fitness

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We all want to keep from getting the dreaded dadbod. Even more, we want to get the six pack abs and pecs to go with it while we glisten in the sun walking down the beach… Well that is not a reality to most people out there, me especially. I have been trying for well over a year to lose weight and to get into shape. I suppose I reached that goal, because round is definitely a shape. Armore Fitness may have created a fitness revolution, or not.

I like fitness stuff, I like lifting weights, I like hiking, but who the heck has time for that? The answer is wearable resistance training by Armore Fitness. Say what you will about resistance training as there are people on both sides of the fence to determine if it works or not. We are not here to argue that, we are here to look at this product.

So what is it? Wearable resistance apparatus for your arms that are meant to work your biceps doing normal activities, or add resistance to pushups, pullups, and other arm exercises that you normally wouldn’t.

Overall: The idea behind these is a great one. Who has time to work out, lets just put on this exoskeleton and go about our normal day…. You can adjust each side of the resistance for upper arms and forearms. They seems to be good quality and promise results in a few weeks… But remember this as with all resistance training is for toning over time not for building muscle.

The Good:

The idea behind these is a good one. Wearable fitness to go with our wearable technology, wearable computers, and everything else that is wearable in today’s day and age. These Armore Fitness devices are easy to figure out and use. They do offer resistance to just about everything you do. But the movement has to be in the same fashion of a bicep curl. That pulling and pushing motion of your arm… But you already figured that out.

The Bad:

For me the bad was that they failed to stay in place. I tightened them all the way and cranked up the resistance… They failed to stay in place. As far as the resistance part, they definitely work, and I am sure you would show results that align with other resistance training methods over a few weeks. I just couldn’t stand them falling out of place, but perhaps I just did it wrong.

My Thoughts:

I wouldn’t buy this personally. That isn’t to say that it is wrong for you. I cannot see practical application for me who is sitting at a desk all day keeping my hands in relatively the same position. That being said DO NOT WEAR THESE WHILE DRIVING!!!! This should be obvious, but some people are oblivious. If you are interested, it is worth checking out if you have money to spend and want something different you can use. Head over to and use promo code ARMORE10 for 10% off now (May 2017).  I have never seen anything on the market quite like this and Armore Fitness is definitely trying something new.


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