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So if you are like me, you love the feeling of combing or brushing your beard. My wife doesn’t get the fascination or the feeling of it. My beard grows in every direction and I use beard balm, beard butter, or beard oil in the morning to help make it look nicer. I am an engineer by day and interface with customers and have to look professional and presentable.

The Rogue Beard Company has created a simple comb that is fantastic. Rather than plastic, they have chosed to go with a wooden comb. The wood absorbs the oils and helps spread it throughout the hairs for a more evenly distributed moisturization. The comb helps stimulate growth whlie pushing the hair in the same direction. It is also great for trimming the beard. Check out their website for more information on the comb and their products.


I only have the comb at the moment, but that will likely change in the near future. When I wake up the first thing I do is brush my beard. It feels great and releases tensions on my shoulders. Maybe I am wierd but I love the feeling. It also helps collect and remove the stray golden retrievers fur from my dogs sleeping on the bed with us. Adding the beard oil in the morning gives a complete look, a fantastic smell and the comb allows me to evenly spread it around.

Being a simple design and a great execution, I am giving this product 4 stars. While I think it is a perfect product, I kinda wish there were more options. Perhaps a smaller version for the mustache area. However the actual comb is flawless. I highly recommend you go to their website and get one ASAP. They make great gifts to any bearded man.

Check out:
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