Never Give Up

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My brother is a UPS driver and has adopted the slogan of Never Give Up. He has worked very hard for what he has and has had some medical issues in the last year that threatened all that he has worked for and even his life. Those health issues strengthened his resolve even more than before. While I make fun of the slogan a bit and sometimes throw out #NVRGVUP at things just to be stupid and funny, there is something to be said about that phrase.

As a father and husband, it is my duty to be my best for my family! Good times fade to hard times which will ultimately return to good times, but through it all it is important to stay strong and stay the course. Jobs will be lost, money will come up short, time will escape you, people will be sick, accidents will happen, and the list goes on and on infinitely. The only way to get through the muck and down times is to be persistent in your goals and dreams. If something doesn’t work, change it. If you are short on money, get a second job, or change primary jobs. Do what it takes to succeed.

I do not believe that people are a product of their environment. People are able to overcome their surroundings, and reach for the stars. It can be done, it has been done. What’s the difference between the people who reach their dreams, and those who don’t? Those who do simply do not stop trying.

Being dad means to #NVRGVUP

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