Dr. Squatch Men’s Soap

Dr. Squatch Men’s Soap

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Every man likes to smell good, and most men these days spend just as much time manscaping and getting clean as women do. In many cases men take longer to get ready than women. But it can be hard to find good soap that smells like a man and not a fruity mess of gross smelling body wash.

Dr. Squatch is made for men in America with awesome scents, that will drive the Mrs squatch crazy with desire.

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The experience:

I have a pine tar bar and gold moss bar. Both smell amazing. The pine tar bar is exfoliating and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. It hasn’t dried my skin out and the scent lingers for about an hour or so after a shower.
The gold moss smells great too. It is not exfoliating but it still does that dry my skin out. The scent seems to linger a little longer than the pine tar bar. Both seem to hold up very well. We all know that soap likes to melt pretty quick in a hot shower.
I really like that they are natural and even the packaging is made from recycled paper and is minimal in design. I like everything about the bars.

Their website is very intuitive and even helps you pick out the right scent for you.


My experience with the product and company was fantastic. I do the think I would change a thing.their soap was great, their service was phenomenal, and I have enjoyed everything about it. The price is a little high for soap, but that won’t stop me from buying this in the future.

This is a highly recommend product. Go get some today at https://drsquatch.com  or in our store and may the squatch be with you!

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