Mission Critical Baby Carrier

Mission Critical Baby Carrier

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Mission Critical tactical baby carrier

Let’s face it, having a baby is pretty amazing. But after he or she shows up you always seem to be short-handed. Having the baby in one arm limits your activities. But not only that, the 20 lb baby feels pretty heavy after an hour of holding him in a football hold.

The solution, the wife (usually) gets a baby carrier. There are all kinds of models and versions that can do just about anything. While this is all well and good there are very few that are manly. To be fair there were a couple of patterns used by Tula that were very interesting and I didn’t mind sporting. Then all of that changed.

The tactical baby carrier

I stumbled across the tactical baby carrier made by Mission Critical. This baby carrier is perfect for dad’s who want to look bad ass carrying their bundle of joy around. This carrier is made to look and function like a tactical vest. In fact the first time I was putting it on in public, the man next to me was staring because he thought I was gearing up for a raid. Then I put my son in the carrier and he had to roll his window down and comment how my mission critical carrier was the absolute best thing he has ever seen. To watch a video review of the carrier, check out our video on youtube.


What is the Mission Critical Baby Carrier?:

The wearer puts it on just like a tactical vest. The waist band has two clips that are undone and you pull the carrier over your head. The baby carrier has MOLLE webbing available on the front and rear that allows for the attachment of accessories and even a day pack. With at least four separate adjustment points the carrier should fit just on any size person. The baby can be in it from the time they can hold their head up on their own (3-5 mo) until they are 35 pounds. The nylon construction makes cleaning a breeze, simply wipe it down. The liner allows for easy removal for cleaning or replacement. It also has a built-in front pocket that stores a sun shade to protect the little soldier’s head from harmful UV rays. You can get it in three different colors: Black, Gray, and Tan.

What I like about the carrier:

Mission Critical Tactical Baby Carrier

I was really excited to get this item. I opened it immediately and threw it on and loaded up the baby and away we went.

This fantastic looking carrier is the highest quality. The heavy-duty nylon is great for securing the child to your chest. The velcro and clasps are strong and durable and do not feel like they are going anywhere. The color is great. Mine is the Coyote Tan which is a nice brown with almost a slight green tint. The modular design is awesome and I can’t wait to put some accessories on it. The lifetime warranty is a great perk and make sure you register it. I really like the fact that the child can face front or rear. The fit is great. The baby carrier supports my back and allows me to stand straight when I am carrying my son. He enjoys riding in it.

As your child gets heavier, you may want to invest in the day pack. It attaches via the modular MOLLE system to the back and can be used to add some counter balanced weight. Your back will thank you! I have the pouch and bottle holder accessories and they are life savers. Get them!

Some problems that I faced:

Everything has a downside. This carrier is fantastic, but at a price point of $179, some people may have to go with something a little cheaper. Adjusting the child is a bit confusing with a variety of adjustment points, and takes a few minutes to get just right. The baby needs to always be secure before venturing out.  In other carriers they have a height where the baby should be on your chest and that the carrier should sit against your chest. Mission Critical does not have these recommendations that I could find. The purchase does not include paper instructions, but are available on the mission critical website. While this is a minor point it is nice to have some instructions to serve as a guide. Probably the biggest issue I have with this carrier is the fact there is no handle on the rear. Team members are extracted from battle using a handle on the top of tactical vests. While it wouldn’t be used to evac a downed team member, a handle is useful for hanging on a coat rack.


The product is nearly flawless. A minor addition of that handle would make it better for me. The price point is a little high however is on par with other high quality carriers. The online only instructions save wasted paper. I recommend you go out and support your American businesses (HooRah!) by getting one of these awesome looking tactical baby carriers. You will not regret it. Head over to Mission Critical and be sure to check it out. Mission Complete, return to base. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PwLL1aM9S8&w=560&h=315]   If you like the carrier, we have have reviews of some accessories too. The bottle holder, is incredibly handy and the pouches are great for short trips.


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  1. Jonathan Pettijohn

    Hey, just FYI, Mission Critical’s FAQ page says “Our products are designed in the United States and constructed in Vietnam.” https://www.missioncritical.cc/pages/faq
    Sadly, Mission Critical products are made in Vietnam.

  2. Lindsey

    Hey there! Random question for ya. I am looking to buy one of these for one of my good friends as he is about to have his first kid! Any chance you are done with and willing to sell/get rid of yours? Thanks!

    1. Dad

      Thanks for reaching out. No I am still actively using mine. It is good for up to 35lbs and my little guy still has a ways to go. I have links to the mission critical site and amazon if you decide to purchase. You do what is best for you!

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