Honesty: A Lost Art

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In a growing world of instantaneous communication with thousands of people throughout the world, the idea of being honest has been lost. People post on twitter, facebook and all of social media about their lives, often adding in things that didn’t happen, or removing facts to make themselves look worse, or better to other people to reach their goals of influencing these strangers into thinking that they are better or worse off than those strangers. Kind of weird huh? But there is another level to it. Our children.

My wife and I were talking about the future generation that our son will grow and live in. The instantaneous communication with the world will just grow and evolve and his life will be on display for the world to see, as is yours and mine. How can we protect him from the people who are savages and degrade, bully, and attack other people for no reason. The answer is you can’t. You can isolate your children from technology, from public schools, from private schools, and shield them from the influence of the world, but that does not protect them. You simply cannot protect them. But, you can prepare them.

My son is one, and my wife and I are already working on our communication with each other to help him to be able to have an open communication with us. Honesty is absolute key here. While there are some topics that need to be approached carefully, it is important for your kids to know you are honest with them and for them to know that they can be honest with you. Our neighbors have a very open relationship with their children. That is the kind of relationship I want with my son, even with embarrassing and difficult subjects. Be honest with your spouse, and kids to create an open relationship between all parties involved. Explain why you do certain things. Avoid answers like “because I said so” which don’t offer a clear reason. While this is not full proof and I have not raised my son yet, I know of people who practice this and have a strong relationship with their parents, and/or kids.

Being dad means being open, and honest to your family… even when it is difficult.

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