Bak Blade 2.0

Bak Blade 2.0

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Most men have issues with their backs. As they reach 30 or so, the back becomes more like a forest overgrown and wild. Some men seek to tame the forest with waxing, or going to a salon, while others simply let the forest grow and host new creatures to never see the light of day… That may change.

Bak Blade 2.0

The Bak Blade 2.0 (I never even saw the 1.0 but it must have been pretty bad) was released recently and I had a chance to try it. My back was pretty bad, not polish bad, but needed some tidying up. So I decided to try this little gem out.


What is it? It is simply a giant cartridge razor, with a fold-able handle long enough to reach all the real estate that occupies your back. The handle is curved to help you be able to easily reach every part of your back and get a clean smooth finish. The device has two blade cartridges installed and are easy to replace. It comes with a suction cup hanger for your shower and fits on it nicely.

The Good:

The idea is fantastic. Having a product that I can tidy up my back without needing someone else is a great idea. Having the shaver be able to fold and come with a hanger is even better. The handle is sturdy and gives a nice feel to the shaver when in hand allowing you to easily maneuver it around. Doing some internet searches just now I stumbled over the 1.0 and this latest release is a huge improvement in ergonomics and look.

The Bad:

Well, the shaver worked wonders the first time I used it. It was easy to use, didn’t cut my back (which I have an irrational fear of because of my brother) and it gave a nice smooth finish. But I quickly found out that you have to use it nearly everyday to keep it that way. No fault of the product… But the hanger doesn’t snap the shaver in, so it is very easy to knock off. I ended up knocking it off 3 times, and didn’t check the condition of it before using it… Well to my surprise my back was on fire while using it the second time. I looked at the blades and saw that one had slid sideways on me as I was shaving resulting in a very nice slice down my back. I fixed the blade back into place and tried again with another shot of fire from my side. This time I looked at the blade which had just sliced my side where I was pulling it around from behind, and the blade was bent, right in the middle. How the hell does that happen? The blade was in a cartridge and nothing hit it from the opposite side. Needless to say that was enough for me. Not only that but it was actually difficult to clean the blades, even with the included brush. The photo below shows the bent blades.


If you are a regular manscaper and are not clumsy with knocking it off, or diligently check it over before using then this may be a product for you. Had I put it under the sink or something, then I could possibly have avoided this wonderful experience. I think I will stick to the Straight and Safety Razor to the face and neck. If I feel the need to do the back again, I will go somewhere. If you drop the soap constantly, then this is not for you… Keep walking.

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