Protein Powder: Legion Athletics Whey+

Protein Powder: Legion Athletics Whey+

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When changing your Dadbod from the flabby norm to the physique that you desire, sometimes you need some extra protein. Protein is what keeps your muscles in tact when you are dieting, and losing weight. Not getting enough will cause your muscles to deteriorate faster and be used as fuel for your body. I have been trying out Legion Athletic’s Whey+ for a few weeks now.

Legion Athletics Whey+

I am (usually) on a ketogenic diet. More for my headaches and migraines than for physical appearance, though I do like the fat loss that is associated with the diet. Getting enough protein is usually not very hard on a ketogenic diet because your food consists of meat, and leafy green vegetables. However, sometimes when you don’t eat enough lean protein, you hit your calorie or macro limit too fast and still feel hungry or need more protein.

This is where I would use a protein supplement. I have used many protein powders over the years with varying satisfaction. The best tasting would probably be something like musclemilk and shakeology. The former being loaded with carbohydrates and the latter costing an insane $120 a bag. It has been hard to find a powder that I enjoy the taste while still getting the protein I desire.

Optimum Nutrition has a good powder but it isn’t pure whey, and with a higher carb count, it makes it harder for me to fit it in with my macros. Legion’s Whey+ is pure whey isolate and not a blend. It also is GMO free and produced in an FDA inspected facility… whatever that means to you.


Protein powders are mostly the same thing, and usually taste very similar. Whey+ is claimed to be made differently and has a slightly different taste due to the use of stevia as sweetener. Coming in at 2 net carbs, I can justify a small 100 calorie bump, with an extra 22g of protein. You generally get what you pay for, and whey + will set you back a little more than some of the competitors, but not as much as something insane, like shakeology.

The Good:

Low Carb protein powders have been hard to find over the years, but have been making it mainstream here more recently because of the low carb diets out there, and the emerging research that is showing that the SAD (standard american diet) is just that… SAD.  Whey+ meets my need for a low carb protein powder to help me sustain my muscles during my ketogenic diet. The taste (I had dutch chocolate) is fair… It is sweetened with stevia, which is great, but leaves a slightly bitter aftertaste and definitely isn’t the best on the market.

However, mixed with a vanilla flavored almond milk (unsweetened of course) makes a huge difference and the powder is actually enjoyable. It is easily dissolved in water, milk, or almond milk with a spoon or shaker bottle with little to no chunks. It is not chalky at all which is a HUGE improvement over some other crappy powders. They also have a variety of flavors,  including unflavored… think protein pancakes (low carb of course).


The Bad:

Well the flavor, if you are going cheap and mixing it with water… meh. You probably wont like it very much. With that being said it is a hell of a lot better  But if you mix it with something else as suggested in their FAQ on the product, then you will probably enjoy it. It also has 2 net carbs. There are other powders that have 0 net carbs, like isopure. If you are going for zero carb, then you will need to look elsewhere.


I recommend you try it, at least once. It is well worth the money. It tastes good when mixed right, has a decent amount of protein per serving. You don’t have to mix 3 or 4 scoops into 8 ounces of water or milk to get the protein you want. And it is GMO free and made in ‘Merica!  If all that doesn’t convince you, they have a money back guarantee! Go check them out today. Head over to our store to get more information or to buy it and try it yourself. If you are working on that dad bod check out our review of the Armore Fitness system.

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