Dad: The Grill Master

If there is one thing about Guys, it’s that we are pyromaniacs. We enjoy big fires, camping, hunting, and of course Grilling. There is something magical about it. The smoke, flames, and char. Over the years I have had many grills from a small camp one, to a huge smoker and everything in between. This page and its resources are dedicated to becoming a grilling master. Whether it’s a recipe, a review of a grill or grilling product, whether to choose a traditional kettle, side box smoker, kamado, or just some tips and tricks on how to smoke that perfect pork butt for pulled pork. Look around and see what appeals to you.

Grill Types

A kettle grill is what comes to mind when you think of a Weber. The traditional oval shape bowl on three legs that is typically around 20-22″ in diameter. These grills are very versatile and are able to do just about everything to a degree. They are not designed to handle extremely hot coals but anything else it’s gold. This is what we think of. The weber kettle is a classic grill that is able to handle just about anything you put in it. The thing to remember is how to heat the grill for what you are using it for. See my flipboard magazine for some great content that can help you learn how to become a grill master. Remember when family is coming over, it is important to take your time when setting up the grill. It can be finicky and lead to a very slow cooking process, or over cooking and drying your precious BBQ out. Practice makes perfect when it comes to any grill.

Weber Kettle Grill, Kamodo Grill, Smoker Grill
Kamodo Grill Gas Charcoal pellet Grill Review

A kamado is a ceramic grill that is heavy as all an elephant and cost just as much. They are fantastic versatile systems that can do everything the kettle can and more. They create a uniform heat and can hold the temperature steady for hours on end allowing for the even baking, roasting and smoking temperatures without the need to constantly add coals to the fire to keep it going. I am working to try and get one to be able to do an adequate review of a Kamado, Pellet, and Kettle grill side by side, that may be a bit down the road though. Just about every manufacturer makes these now and the most well known seems to be the Big Green Egg.

Grill Products

Native Organics Grill and Oven Cleaner Review Dad Grilling Fatherhood Life Summer

If there is one thing we all know about grills, they are filthy. Now while the char does enhance the flavor some, it is also important to clean it every once in a while also. I am not one to want to put harsh chemicals on the surfaces where I am going to cook or eat off of unless I have to. Native organics makes a natural, plant based cleaner that blows those chemicals away. Read our review of their grill cleaner.

Are you looking to change up your Grilling Game? Then  you may want to add some variety with a subscription to the Grill Masters Club. This monthly subscription gives you a variety of items to perfectly challenge your BBQ skills and offer a fresh take on your cooking. Perfect gift for Father’s Day, a birthday or Christmas! Click the button below to read the full review.

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Our Recipes

Bacon is a great addition to just about anything including ice cream. We love adding it to chicken and BBQ sauce and throwing it on the open flames for a rich smokey sweet flavor that is sure to impress.

Ribs are a staple in anyone’s BBQ arsenal. Here is one of our favorite recipes that is sure to get the job done every time. A dry rub favorite that can’t be beat. A combination of sweet and spice that makes even the vegetarians want some. 

It is not summer without a big meaty bacony burger fresh off the grill dripping grease and ketchup down the front of your shirt. Here is our recipe for Awesome Burgers.

There is nothing better than coffee in the morning, besides maybe coffee on steak! Make your next breakfast steak and eggs with our recipe for Coffee Rubbed Ribeye with Awesome Dad Coffee: Single Origin Colombian Coffee.

A perfect combination of spice, tangy, and smoke look no further. A fantastic combination that is simple to make and perfect for family gatherings, holidays, or just to have on the weekend.