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On a warm May evening in 2016, I took my wife to the hospital after a day of strawberry picking, target shopping, and gardening, all because of “false labor.” Her pregnancy wasn’t without a few scares and we definitely were worried about our son coming a month early. Sure enough early the next morning he arrived via C-Section and both his mother and I were overwhelmed with joy. Shortly after that, I realized that parents don’t have it easy. At least mothers have emotional support groups and products galore to help them raise the kids, but dad’s do not have the same resources. I started this page as a way to present my thoughts on fatherhood, and stuff out there that is available to make fatherhood more fun, and enjoyable. I’m the kind of guy that would work four jobs to provide for his wife and kids, as I am sure most of the men out there would do the same. 

My goal is to make the time with your kids easy, fun, and memorable. All while breaking down the stereotypes about men and fathers. I throw in some fun stuff that any guy can use as well. I pay for the majority of products I review out of pocket and the affiliate links associated with this site are a way to fund the web hosting and new products, and I encourage you to support both the companies that I review and myself. I am open and available to discuss the content found here and/or just being a dad in general so feel free to email me at dad@awesomedadgear.com. Sometimes we need help, advice, and someone to talk to. As a dad that isn’t always easy and I encourage anyone that is having issues to seek help. There is a lot of excitement and happiness around building a family, but also a lot of depression and sadness. While we focus on making life easier and more memorable, we also want to help those who are in dark places. Remember that anyone can have is kid, but it takes a real man to be a father.

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  1. Jonathan Shine

    Good on you sir! I had no option when my daughters were born in 2010 to carry feminine looking items around with me due to short supply of manly products – so I forked out for the most pimped out stroller I could afford – just so, you know – I could hide everything in it! 🙂

    1. DadGearReviews

      Haha! Oh that’s great. There is a picture my wife took of me with our son in a ring sling. Its on my instagram page. Not too feminine, in fact it I thought it made me look like a highlander. I was okay with that. The rest of the stuff I stuck in the Eddie Bauer bag… Which was a good temporary solution.

  2. Dad

    I would be interested, reach out to me on dealspotr.com

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